What is the difference between the pictures I take for my yearbook and the photography you do?

A. EVERYTHING! You've had 12 years of cookie-cutter yearbook photos, but your senior year, you finally get to go ALL-OUT on a magazine-like, runway model experience! You're going to get your makeup professionally applied to make you look and feel your best, plan out outfits, accessories, props, etc! You will have amazing images to share with all your friends, and your parents get a way to always remember your last years as a child. Plus, they make for amazing decor around your house!


Why senior year?

A. You may have seen the graduating classes before you getting their senior pictures done, as it's a common tradition. And you're at the perfect age! When else will look and feel as young as you do now? For parents, this is usually a very emotional time, and the photos we create for you symbolize that coming-of-age moment that each child inevitably approaches!


Why can't I have all the images from my session?

A. Trust me, you really DON'T want all your digital negatives. I may take over 1,000 images of each senior, and I do all the work for you to sift through the blinking, talking, awkward, and other non-amazing shots and leave you with only the very best. Don't worry, you still get a chance to look through and choose images throughout your session!


Will I still look like myself?

A. Yes! You may not be used to wearing makeup, dressing up, or posing in front of the camera. But many people forget that the camera does add 10 pounds and accentuate all your flaws. For that reason, we make sure each girl is going to LOVE the way she looks in camera. 


What do you mean by "fine-art edited poses"?

A. My editing style is a HUGE part of what I do. So after I've sorted through and chosen only most stunning and beautiful poses, I go into photoshop and make them 1000x better! Every little detail, down a stray hair, is examined, fixed, and enhanced to perfection.