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Meet Deena, our awesome Carmel High School trendsetter this July! We had a session all planned out for the middle of June... until it got rescheduled because of rain. So when it started storming halfway through her second photoshoot date, we decided to embrace our imminent weather-destiny. 

As a bonus of being the only people who were crazy enough to be standing in the middle of a thunderstorm, we had the entire park to ourselves. It was an amazing evening full of Drake Spotify and flying camera equipment! Shoutout to Deena for trusting me to ruin her straightened hair in the rain. I LOVE the way her pictures came out!


Scroll through to read her interview:

What are 3 things everyone knows about you?

I'm very outgoing and always have a lot of energy no matter what time of day, I always have a smile on my face though out the day, and I love to help people weather it's with boys or just with life, and I like to think people like my style. 


Why do you think you were chosen as a trendsetter?

I honestly don't really know, I think my style is very different from the rest and filled with unique pieces that go together, and I have my own personal taste of what different things go together. I like to be bold, bright and out there with the clothes I choose to wear. 


What's something people assume about you?

People usually assume that I'm going to be mean or a brat, but usually once they meet me they realize I'm nothing like what they have "heard" or assumed! I believe in being kind and nice to people and never to judge them because people tend to judge others so quickly these days for the smallest things. I think it's best to always see the positive & good in someone before you judge them.

Who are you in your group of friends? How would they describe you?

My group of friends are very loud, outgoing and are always up for a new adventure, they love to thrive wherever they go & they would probably describe me as the one with always a ton of energy and a funny/caring personality. 


What are some things most people wouldn't know about you? 

I'm very adventurous and am up for anything anytime, I absolutely love giving girls a personal makeover and boosting their self confidence, and I love love love meeting new people and making new friends.

How would you describe your style?

I would describe my style as bold. Things that no one else really wears, I love taking simple pieces and decorating them with accessories that pop! I think personal style is so important because it's a way of expressing yourself with how you present yourself.

What's the difference between style and what's trendy?

Style is your own personal way you want to express yourself, and show a little bit of your creativity and uniqueness within the things you dress up in. Trendy is what everyone else is started to wear based off what one person started wearing.

What are your favorite hobbies & subjects in school?

My favorite subject is probably biology because I love the science world and learning new crazy things, & I love walking with my friends down the halls and feeling like a diva. 

What do you want to be when you're older?

To be honest I'm not quite sure yet, my opinion always changes about what I wanna be in 10 years and what I'll be wanting to do with my life. I'm most interested in business, but I always change my mind.


Where do you maybe want to go to college?

I would love to go to UCLA because it offers a lot of amazing opportunities and its in California, my dream place to live!


What would be your dream life 20 years from now?

My dream life would just be to live in warm weather and be happy with the environment and people around me. I would love to see the whole world before I'm 30 and adventure and thrive though every place I visit.


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