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When I first started my business a year and a half ago, I had no idea that I would soon be specializing in seniors. I utilized what I had available at the time: an unsuspecting baby who would eventually learn that photoshoots=Pez, chocolate, or ice cream.  

Although I soon realized that kids & families were not quite my favorite to shoot (hey, not all of our bodies are suited to chase after extremely agile, sugar-loaded children) , I still have a soft spot for photographing my little guy. It's amazing having the proper equipment and skills to record every stage of his life. Scroll through to see my progress from February 2015- Present:




It was after this photoshoot in my apartment (my very first time using my new DSLR) that I thought "This is it! I've finally made it as a professional!" I'm not sure I even edited this one before stamping my DIY-watermark on it and sharing it all over Facebook! We all start somewhere...



child photography sunglasses toddler boy ideas overalls ralph laurenchild photography sunglasses toddler boy ideas overalls ralph lauren toddler-boy-in-oshkosh-overalls-with-sunglasses-passifier-photographytoddler-boy-in-oshkosh-overalls-with-sunglasses-passifier-photography



Even though this was shot in full sun, I still love these photos. The overalls, the white T-shirt, the aviators & the pacifier make this a timeless memory of my little almost-2-year-old.




noblesville-senior-photographynoblesville-senior-photography summer-noblesville-field-photography-toddler-runningsummer-noblesville-field-photography-toddler-running


Out of 500 photos of Carter running through a field, I was incredibly lucky to get two useable shots where he wasn't blinking, facing the other way, or moving. Shot in a local field in Noblesville, IN. 


summer-birkenstocks-in-carmel-indiana-photographysummer-birkenstocks-in-carmel-indiana-photography 7/24/15

It was a hot summer day here in Indiana, and I bribed Carter with the amazing ice cream at Bub's Burgers & Ice Cream in Carmel in exchange for a few shots of his toasty red cheeks. 


indiana-state-fair-photography-father-and-sonindiana-state-fair-photography-father-and-son 8/13/15

It turns out our child isn't the biggest fan of the sensory-overloaded Indiana State Fair. Between crying & clinging on to his parents for dear life, I'd say Carter lasted about 20 minutes there. Thankfully, I snapped this photo just as we were leaving, making the entire experience 100% worth it!


toddler-boy-photography-summer-ralph-lauren-romper-in-noblesvilletoddler-boy-photography-summer-ralph-lauren-romper-in-noblesville toddler boy photography ideas turning two sunglasses stuffed animaltoddler boy photography ideas turning two sunglasses stuffed animal 09/21/15

We took these photos in the infamous downtown Noblesville alleys (which are so thoroughly enjoyed by the amateur photographer niche around here). I had just purchased my Nikon 85mm 1.4 lens, and HAD to get a shot of Carter in that adorable Ralph Lauren romper before he outgrew it.

portrait-christmas-studio-fishers-indianaportrait-christmas-studio-fishers-indiana 12/16/15

By now, Carter's grandparents are aware that their yearly Christmas gift is guaranteed to be some variation of a homemade photo of Carter. This was our DIY studio shot for 2015!






Oh, how I'm grateful for the things my family does to let me get my one perfect shot. We all bundled up for the negative windchill and froze our tushes off for these "first snowfall" photos.

studio-near-me-photographersstudio-near-me-photographers studio-dreamy-toddler-portraitstudio-dreamy-toddler-portrait


Coincidentally, these were taken in the exact same spot in my apartment as the very first image in this post. Crazy how much a year of experience, better lighting, and bribing Carter with chocolate can affect an image!



I could go on about that little guy forever. He's my best friend, and he's the reason I can practice and grow my skills whenever I force him to pose for me. Thanks for taking the time to see my progress over the last year!


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