Choosing a Senior Photographer: 10 tips to look for in 2016

Choosing a senior photographer in 2016



With prom, last minute open house invites, and most studios already booking for class of 2017, time is running out to find the best photographer to hire for your senior experience. Check out our must-have tips for the modern senior portrait:


10. Social Media


Picking a senior photographer that rocks at using Instagram, Snapchat, and other platforms just means more exposure for you! Your friends will get to see behind the scenes of your photoshoot on Snapchat (ours is @fringephoto), you'll be the first to know about contests, giveaways, and promotions, and you may even get featured on one of the many Instagram accounts made just for senior photography. (Tip- follow @seniorstyleguide, @modernsenior, & @senioryearmagazine on Instagram for inspiration)


9. Posing



Imagine this: you're standing in front of the camera, awkwardly hanging your hands by your side, and your photographer starts snapping photos of you without giving you any idea what to do. No one wants that! As professionals, we work hard to pose every shot to perfection, and we've studied the best poses to flatter short, tall, curvy, or skinnier girls. 



8. Editing


before and after dreamy edit photoshop greater than gatsbybefore and after dreamy edit photoshop greater than gatsby


Editing is by far my favorite part of my job! It can take an image from trash to treasure, or it can make an already great shot even better. Here are some SOOC (straight out of camera) to final edit examples:


How-to-edit-in-photoshop-beauty-retouch-before-after-tutorialHow-to-edit-in-photoshop-beauty-retouch-before-after-tutorial Before and after photoshop cc editing and retouchingBefore and after photoshop cc editing and retouching



7. Timelessness







Look back on your older siblings' or parents' senior portraits. It's likely that their outfits, backgrounds, and editing styles look completely outdated. It's great to be able to have a couple trendy shots, but make sure your photographer produces images that will look amazing for generations to come.



6. Consistency



Center Grove High School Photography IndianapolisCenter Grove High School Photography Indianapolis




It's our biggest fear- of course those girls look good, but how do I know will too? Everybody should look & feel like a supermodel for their senior session! No matter if you're naturally a girly-girl, or if it's one of the rare times we can get you to dress up, it's our responsibility to give each person the same quality images. 




5. Investment




Photography is one thing NOT to skimp on this year. In fact, in 20 years, it's going to be one of the only tangible memories you have left of those glorious high school years. Good photographers price themselves accordingly, and your friend with a DSLR isn't going to provide the same quality you will get with the pros.


4. Makeup Artist



Makeup artists in indianapolis, Indiana before and after professional airbrush foundationMakeup artists in indianapolis, Indiana before and after professional airbrush foundation



Makeup is ESSENTIAL to a great photograph. The camera automatically washes out the look of a natural makeup application; colors & contours will always appear dulled compared to how they look in real life. My makeup artist Michelle knows how to apply a look that will last for the entire shoot and also show up properly on camera. Sidenote: she also does a killer winged eyeliner! Glam by: Bloom Artistry


3. Products





It's likely that after your session, the only way to actually get your senior pictures is by ordering prints, albums, digital files, or other products from your photographer. Make sure that they offer a variety of products to suit you, your parents, and your relatives needs (they will all be getting copies!). Our favorite is the luxe acrylic, pictured above.


2. Style

dreamy photography ideas for senior girls pinterestdreamy photography ideas for senior girls pinterest

A truly important tip for finding a senior photographer- look at their style! You might notice my personal style is COLOR & glam. Others might love to do simple, studio shots, or bright, light, and airy images. Choose the style best suited to your personality & vibes, and you can't go wrong. 


1. Lighting





Lighting is the #1 secret behind photography. It's what differentiates between the images anyone could take with their iPhone, and the work of an established photographer with pro-equipment. Next time you check out your favorite photographers on Instagram, try and note if they can use both natural and artificial (flash & strobe) light, and if their subjects are illuminated properly. 



Hopefully some of these aspects can help you make that tough decision of who to trust with your senior memories! What do you think? Leave a comment below--




Annika Larson(non-registered)
My daughter is graduating high school, and we want to get her senior portraits done. It's important that these photos are well done as they will be treasures that we will keep forever. I appreciated your tip about finding a photographer that can create a timeless look that doesn't involve too many trendy shots.
Love love love!!!! Great advice!
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