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black and white senior portraitblack and white senior portrait

Meet Sadie, my 2016 Fishers High School senior model! I loved getting to know her and her family for her session. So thankful that she brought along her boyfriend Noah for a few fun shots!


Q. What's your favorite part about being a senior at FHS?

A. Fishers High School is just an amazing school to attend. I've met some of my closest friends throughout my 4 years here, and I feel FHS has really prepared me for my future at Marian Univeristy next year!


broadripple indiana senior portraitsbroadripple indiana senior portraits

Q. If I could do high school again, I would try participating in.....

A. I honestly wouldn't change my high school experience at all. I was a cheerleader and I was very involved in various clubs such as, Riley Dance Marathon, Best Buddies, and I was also accepted into the Cadet Teaching program. So I would say my high school career has been everything I could have asked for!

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Q. I am inspired by....

A. My mom. My mom is someone whom I admire and look up to. She's been through so much but she always seems to see the positive side to everything. Being a single mom can't be easy, but she's never once complained when caring for and providing for my little sister Hanna and I. She's made herself into such a successful woman by going back to school to become a nurse in 2013. I hope to one day be at least half the woman she is.

Cheer photography for high school seniorsCheer photography for high school seniors

"I have mom tendencies. I always feel the need to take care of people/ make sure people are okay. I love to solve conflicts between others and if someone is having a bad day I love trying to make them happy again!"


Q. How would you define true beauty?

A. True beauty is confidence. True beauty is a genuine smile. I believe everyone is truly beautiful in their own unique way.


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"My experience with Fringe Photography has been amazing. I was so excited to be selected as a senior rep and to have my senior pictures done by Fringe. Working with Safina is a breeze and she always knows just where to shoot her pictures. There's nothing she can't do! I wouldn't have wanted I take me senior pictures with anyone else!"




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